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How to Determine if Your Parking Lot Needs Asphalt Repair

Renowned for its durability and ability to withstand large weight without losing its value, asphalt has become one of the most popular materials for parking lots.

With proper installation and maintenance practices, asphalt for parking lots can guarantee you a service of between 15 and 20 years.

Similarly, like any other parking lot material, asphalt is vulnerable to elements and normal wear. For this reason, it will need some spruce-up to restore its original hue and make it last as expected. 

Unfortunately, most homeowners do not know when to repair their asphalt lots. This article gives a comprehensive guide on the most common ways to determine if your asphalt lot needs an overhaul or repair, and the best time to do it. 

Old Asphalt Lot

A Crack in Asphalt Parking Lot

Typically, with proper installation and maintenance, asphalt’s integrity on parking lots can last between 15 and 20 years. However, for it to see past the 5th year, your asphalt lot needs some maintenance, which includes repairs and resealing. This is because no matter the kind of artisanship that was invested in the installation, heavy traffic, excess weight, and elements all take a toll on the material, leading to its untimely degradation. If your parking lot is 3 years old and above and has not been spruced up, then it is time. If the lot is more than 15 years old and has had frequent repairs, then you can consider its overhaul.

Raveling Surface

One of the many signs of wear on asphalt lots is raveling which manifests as loose chippings on some sections. The chippings are because of damage to the sealing, and thereby exposing the subsurface. As the sealing comes off, materials of the subsurface may be removed by heavy traffic from feet and automotive. They may also be ablated by strong winds, and thus settling on the surface. 


Due to heavy traffic from feet especially when people are playing, pressure from heavy downpours as well as vehicles, asphalt lots may form potholes. These are characterized by depressions on some sections of the surface. In addition to signaling the need for repairs, they are a safety hazard since people may stumble over them and sustain injuries. They may also cost you lots of money when repairing damaged automobiles.  

Illegible Stripping

Illegible or faded stripping can also be a precursor for a damaged asphalt lot that needs repairs. This comes about when underlying materials, mixed with asphalt, start to oxidize due to exposure to the elements. This goes on to explain the grey color on worn asphalt lots. Some information on the stripping is crucial to the safety and well-being of your family and customers or clients. For instance, if you are operating a business where the stripping on your lot is illegible or completely faded, you may face issues with ADA compliance. Repainting the stripping can go a long way in helping you remain compliant and speed up the process of acquiring the necessary permits. During the repainting, you also have a chance to inspect for other minor issues and act accordingly. 

Improper Drainage 

Due to improper drainage and inclination, still water or puddles may show on the asphalt lot surface. During the initial construction, the contractor may have failed to incline the lot away from the building. In addition, water may collect at lower sections or depressions caused by heavy traffic. If not addressed early enough, still water or puddles may cause further damage since water can infiltrate the middle and lower layers. Hydrostatic pressure from the still water can also cause further damage to the lot, thereby leading to an overhaul that is more expensive.  


One of the many things that indicate the need for asphalt repairs is cracks. Very high daytime temperatures and nighttime freezing temperatures cause cracks due to the big temperature difference. Cracks on parking lots manifest in longitudinal, alligator, transverse and block shapes. When not sealed early enough, these may widen and deepen further and escalate to serious problems that are harder and expensive to deal with. 

The above are just some of the main indicators of worn asphalt lots that require repairs. From rutting to flushing, the list of signs is endless. Proper initial installation, routine checks and maintenance by parking lot professionals are some of the many ways to prevent most of the above issues. They are also the ideal practices to extend the longevity of your parking lot. 

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